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Melissa Daggett
Melissa Daggett

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The Purpose Driven Power Couple
The Purpose Driven Power Couple
What is missing in most relationships is a powerful purpose, beyond the sex, beyond the chemistry, beyond the connection. Why do we have individual goals but not relationship or couple goals? Without a vision and a plan, your relationship is headed for death. 
  • Discover how to recreate your current relationship or how to build the relationship of your dreams from the ground up by becoming a purpose driven person.  You don't need to be in a relationship to be powerful.  You get from your life what you BRING.  Learn how to empower the relationship you have with YOURSELF.  
  • Learn what this means and how you can become your own unique version of what you are looking for and then you will ATTRACT the right people ... you can be happy single or in a relationship that complements you, but the SECRET is YOU!! 
You will attract what you become. But you have to know yourself before you know what you are looking for. Let this book be a blueprint.
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Power Couple Coach Podcast (PCCP)

Wherever you are on your journey: single, married, divorced, widowed or anywhere in between, if you want to start creating a better destiny for yourself ... this podcast is for you!

Power Couple Coach Podcast
Melissa Daggett interviews couples of every age and ethnicity, and together they talk about what makes a great relationship and how you can create a better destiny for yourself and your partner. This is a place where you can discover who you are, what you want, and how to attract and keep a happy, healthy and effective relationship.


Rising From The Ashes


Purpose Builders Part I: The Secrets to Keeping Desire and Passion Strong Forever


Purpose Builders Part II: The Couple Who Builds and Prays Together, Stays Together


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Melissa Daggett with Romona Robinson

Faith over Fear during Unprecedented Times

Melissa Daggett interviews news anchor and author Romona Robinson. During the episode, they explore the art of recovery and discuss topics from two of Romona's books, "Your Voice is Your Power" and "A Dirt Road To Somewhere"

Melissa shows you how to change your ENERGY (her signature speech) to ATTRACT WHAT YOU WANT in your life, not just who you want. Her knowledge, charisma, creativity, and inspiration will motivate you and your group to take steps towards a more fulfilling and fun life where you will wake up INSPIRED and motivated and find yourself living the life of your dreams.
Melissa Daggett is available to speak on a wide array of topics –  below is just a sample! Reach out and let Melissa create a custom program catered to your group or organization.
  • Health/Wellness: Bulletproofing Your Immune System
  • ENERGY is More Important Than Time:  Multiply It
  • Reverse Aging as a Lifestyle
  • ​Money Makeovers: Simple Habits that Fit Your Lifestyle
  • ​The 5 Laws of Money: Proven, Simple Habits of the Wealthy
  • Core Confidence:  How to Get it and Keep It
  • Recovering, Overcoming and Rebuilding After Loss
  • How to Become and Attract What You Want in a Relationship 
  • Become Your Own Superhero
  • The 5 Pillars of a Purpose Filled, Powerful Life
  • How to Lose a Toxic Relationship and Attract a Healthy One
  • ​Strategies to Overcome and Move Past Bullies in the Workplace or Social Environment
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Tim Walker
"At a time when statistics suggest a disproportionate amount of people are looking for the perfect partner to complete them, Melissa Daggett challenges the reader to instead become the type of partner you would like to find! This is a powerful, thought provoking, and timely book you won't be able to put down!"  
– Tim Walker 
Lead Pastor, Church Alive
April Osteen Simons
"The Purpose Driven Power Couple is a must read for those wanting to take their relationship to the next level. Melissa gives practical insight on living your life with meaning, both as an individual and a couple. If you're single, she dives in deep, giving you amazing information you will be able to apply to your life today. No doubt this book will get you on your way to living your dream life."
– April Osteen Simons
Public Speaker,
sister of Joel Osteen
Byron and Rev. Dr. Fredina
"Melissa’s book colorfully reveals that the strength and power within a fruitful relationship for a power couple is rooted upon each person’s willingness to love, accept, respect and appreciate his/her partner unique style while and engaging in self-acceptance. This “Purpose Driven Power Couple” plan implemented within couples or individual lifestyles creates and maintain holistic healthcare balance: spirit, soul, and body, while pursuing purpose filled relationships and one’s dreams."
– Byron and Rev. Dr. Fredina
Wonderfully Made Inc.
Melissa Daggett, Latin Dancer
Melissa Daggett, author, speaker, pianist/singer/songwriter and Latin dancer is a certified life coach and former financial advisor, who speaks to singles and couples on communication and lifestyle, to start LIVING the LIFE OF THEIR DREAMS NOW!!  Melissa specializes in one on one relationship coaching, for singles and couples, but also coaches in the areas of personal fitness, optimal health/wellness, confidence/personal growth and financial independence.  She has a wide appeal to anyone in the creative arts and a niche for singles or couples looking to rebuild every aspect of their dream life. 
Melissa had to rebuild her life after losing her husband overnight, and her mission
is to help women or men recovering from loss, a divorce, or bad relationships 
to do the same and succeed in their personal lives and relationships. 
 Melissa is currently a licensed relationship coach helping singles and couples achieve their goals in 3 main areas: health, financial freedom and relationships.  Melissa can be booked for speaking events online or in person.  Currently residing in Naples, Florida,  Melissa also offers private one on one consulting for women and for couples seeking to better their personal lives and/or relationships. If you live outside of the SWFL area, she can be booked for coachings via Skype or Zoom. She also has a podcast on Apple podcasts and Spotify called The Power Couple Coach podcast where she interviews couples and experts on how to create and maintain great relationships.

Melissa Daggett, Latin Dancer
Melissa’s background is diverse, both business minded and creatively niched. With a degree in piano performance, Melissa started out as a singer/songwriter, pianist and teacher. Later, Melissa became involved in the health and wellness industry in 1996 and has devoted her life to studying optimal health/wellness and reverse aging for women through a healthy lifestyle. Her creative hobby and passion is as a ballroom Latin and salsa dancer; she has partnered up with some of the top Latin and salsa dance teachers to incorporate workouts and dance moves into some of her courses to add fun and variety to the health/wellness component of her courses. Her late husband was a financial planner and marketing executive, the backbone behind helping her become savvy in the financial industry. With her knowledge and expertise as a certified financial advisor and certified life coach, Melissa combines her skills and knowledge in these areas to help singles or couples rebuild their lives, become financially independent and also improve every area of their lives to become empowered to know who they are, what they want and how to get there.
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